Outlook Webparts not available in list of webparts


Another thing that is very basic today. 
I needed to drop the OWA webparts on a page and to my surprise they were not listed in the list of wepbart in my 2010 Publishing site.
Looking at the list of Features acitvated it wasn’t obvious at first which one was missing, so here it is :
Activate the “Sharepoint Server Standard site features” will do the job.

Voila ! 


Installing Jan Tielens’ Silverlight graphs to a MOSS Server


I read Jan ‘s blog quite often, and last week he came up with this great (free) Webpart (here) to display a graph of any list in your Sharepoint site.
After a few problems I finally got around it so below are the steps to follow.

Silverlight Graph taking data from a Sharepoint list.

run the SETUP.EXE to deploy the Webpart

open (each ) Site collection where to use the WP, and activate the Site Features under site settings

Configuring IIS for Silverlight Applications (following http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/262/silverlight/)

3a) create a VBS file containing

if WScript.Arguments.Count
3b) execute
ADDMIMETYPE.VBS .xap application/x-silverlight-app
ADDMIMETYPE.VBS .xaml application/xaml+xml
ADDMIMETYPE.VBS .xbap application/x-ms-xbap

Corasworks webpart – Active Display roll-up


I am using the Corasworks webparts in a few sites, not the whole Suite as Corasworks offers to install it, as it will install around 25 templates and 30+ webpart which will pollute my server but I only have installed the webpart I need : Graphs, Active Display (or called the new roll-ups –the name keep changing :-(

The webpart Active Display or what I keep calling (as previous version) Roll-up, is used to pull data from lists or document libraries from other sites and lists on different sites or even site-collection and display in a list style in a page, other webpart can even display the data in a graph style.
Yes it does mimic the feature of the “Content Query Web Part” but you don’t need to change any XML to add column or action such as Edit item. (and despite they did it before there was the content query included into MOSS.

This week I came across a problem when filtering on a Boolean column.

Detail :
I create a column called “Filter-Historic” which is computed and the result is either True or False, in Sharepoint the value is displayed as 1 or 0.
To filter the roll-up I just open the Webpart in Admin mode, go to the Filtering tab and add my filter as to only display Filter-Historic is equal to 1 ].

When testing the WebPart, no data was returned. I then tried to use [ Filter-Historic is equal to “1” ], still it would not show any data.
In that case the Webpart does not allow to filter on Boolean column using the filter builder, instead we need to use the CAML filter integrated with the Webpart.

This webpart offers to enter a “Manual filter” which in turns is a query in CAML.
when we open the CAML dialog box we can see that the calculated column is understood by the filter as “Calculated”, just by changing the Value Type to “Boolean” it will fix the Filter to understand the value 1 or 0 from the calculated column.
Solution summary –> updating the [Value Type=”Calculated”] to read [Value Type=”Boolean”].

Thanks to Coraswork support analyst Christian for this tip.

Create a Google Maps Webpart without using Google Maps API


I think Google Maps is one of the best if not the best Web-map in the market. The only problem is that if you want to use the advance features, such as add markups and predefined pop-ups on a map, it’s OK until your site is for public viewing.
Since most of the Sharepoint you are working on are generally for a Private audience (ie: you need a login and not everyone on the internet will be able to request a login) then Google will charge your company.
And the price starts at $10,000.

OK I really like what Google does so I am not going to be friend with them, but here is a tip if you want to just add a Google Maps inside your page and make it look like it was designed for it (however without markups and other tools that Google API bring).
Just add a Web Content Editor webpart to your page and add this as the source :

” iframe frameborder=””0″” width=””400″” height=””400″” src=””‘http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=””q&hl=””en&q=picadilly,london&ie=UTF8&om=0’> /iframe”

That will do the trick for now, until you make your IT Director or business customers to sign to extend your budget. ;-)

Google Maps
(edit : iFrame removed as it would focus on it when page opened)

Webpart : Open List Items in a New Window


Another webpart to add that allow to open each item in list and document list in a new window.
Open List Items in a New Window

Tip: Open off-site links in a new window


his is quite a good tip found on sharepointblogs.com : using this webpart you can control every external URL on that page and make sure they open in a new window.

The Dean’s Office : SuperGeek Tip: Open off-site links in a new window