Note to myself about the "Benign OWSTimer unhandled exception popup"


I must google that every year because it escapes my brain or I never believe such a simple error message doesn’t get fixed by a service pack on a server so here is the simple answer : don’t worry!


Finding my way between programming in Visual Studio and using what I did into Sharepoint (ie Publishing/Deploying)


OK, so may be I am dumb, but having work in the past in Lotus Domino environment, the release of code into Test and Live environment is a piece of cake and yes .. still allows roll-back with not much risk.
Oh.. and I forgot to mention : Domino would offer 1, 2 way may be to do a change in its code but not err… more like Microsoft does.

Anyhow : Having a background in development I can still program some tricky code to make things better on my software and pages in VB or C# but could not figure (or took the time to ) how to place my code onto my Sharepoint server/ site/ page or Webpart.

I followed the article from Greg Galipeau on (exact link here) and below is my summary as I was doing the steps (and as always it is here so that I can refer to it in the future… as I will NOT remember anything ;-)

Click the Mind Map link .