Wunderlist Joins Microsoft!


I have been using Wunderlist for a few years now, often tried a different shared-todo-list that can sync between devices and people simply but always came back to it.

So I am a big fan, although the release roadmap has not been super fast in the past 12 months, it kept doing a good job and that’s what counts.

Now Microsoft is assimilating Wunderlist team (and 13 Millions users) , I am just hoping that we are not going to see another scenario of really good-yet-small company that gets eaten by a giant just to get the brains and kill the product, I know this is more the Yahoo! style, so we should be safe with Microsoft. Fingers crossed !

\anyway, as a startup this is amazing for Wunderlist so Congratulations to the team !

Our Future, Wunderlist Joins Microsoft.


How could I compare Sharepoint with domino …. errrrrrr…..


This week I am looking at restricting the security of entries in a Sharepoint list, only to a group of users and depending on conditions.
See “one” of my post in a Sharepoint forum here:
Conditional Item permission AND Create View menu – SharePoint University

I cannot BELIEVE how stupid and unsecure Sharepoint IS!
One of my user likes to call it “Sh*tP-point” .. I may start doing the same.

Basically any system I used in the past would either do “item level security” well, or will not do it AT ALL, whereas with Microsoft … it’s a bit different. It’s more like we try to do it, but we cannot guaranty that it will be easy or just working, and to “help” you, we are even going to give you more than one way to “try” to achieve what you want.
hic ! ! !

So what is item level permission for Sharepoint ?
1) first solution is to use the exact term in Sharepoint called “item level permission” which means that the user will create an item and once he saves it he will then come back to that item and click the option “Item Permissions” and then select which groups/persons he want this item to be seen by.
How many clicks ….?
2) second option would be to use what Sharepoint calls “Target Audience” where you specify that an item “uses” “target audience” and then it will be shown in a special Webpart only to the right group of users.
As said : ONLY in a special webparts which really means that if the user is using the normal Sharepoint view.. well YES he will see all the data !
Where is the security ??

In the Domino time, we were always cautious NEVER to create a view or item that could be accessible by typing the address in the browser, so we would lock the security per document with an easy computed field , but that in Sharepoint doesn’t exist ! you can’t have computed field and item level permission !

I am hoping to change my mind about this security soon as I hoep someone in the Sharepoint world is going to find a solution that doesn’t involve having a degree in Bionuclear technology but we’ll see.
So far am quite pissed off with Sharepoint !