Don’t be fooled by InfoPath login prompt


A short sharing since I was amazed of the quality of feedback I received today from InfoPath and could have spent hours on this.


  1. Create an infopath form (here 2013, but may be the same in previous versions as it hasn’t moved that much at all since 2007)
  2. Publish it to Sharepoint (2013) as a Content Type
  3. Bang ! Infopath prompts for a login/password for the Webs.asmx web service
  4. Infopath publish error
  5. Entering any login still fails.

After a bit of thinking I went back a few step on that Publishing dialog box and noticed that I pasted some text that my client wanted to see displayed and it was just that: InfoPath didn’t like to transform the Description of the form or Sharepoint refused it because some characters were incorrectly formatted.

Avoid characters

So don’t be fooled by InfoPath / Sharepoint, the error doesn’t always lays where you think it is.


Infopath Rule didn’t execute properly


This note-to-self is because it’s a really odd behaviour from Infopath so it needs not to happens again if I encounter the same so that I avoid banging my head for hours like I did.

I created a field called Field1 in Infopath 2010 with a value, and then a rule on a Field1 using the value of Field2.

The rule just didn’t want to show the Conditional Formatting as expected, even though I could see that all values were correct.

Suddenly I notice this message on top of the new Field1 :

error on field

Google that error message “Control bound to missing field or group” and I stumbled on this same error in InfoPath dev forum which just told me to not ignore it. (link to forum : Binding Error for Control – InfoPath Dev).

Enabling the field to load the default value just did the trick and now my rule works fine.

default value tick

Damn Infopath !  :-)

Error when customising a Sharepoint 2010 list form in InfoPath 2010



– You want to the form a bit more fancy, so you click the “customize form”
Image  and 1image

Error –>

Not that obvious since the error is very misleading (we are used to that, aren’t we!) the default View or only View of your list is in DataSheet mode, just go and create a new Standard View, make it the default and now the form can be edited by InfoPath without complaining.

Honestly Infopath ?! What kind of error was that ? "Field or group: #text"

Lucky someone blogged about it, and I also had an incorrect default value in my PeoplePicker field, but come on.. really would have looked for a long time, thanks Microsoft InfoPath team! :-(

Cryptic Infopath Error “Field or group: #text” « codearetoy

Update Infopath connection file automatically when deploying to new environment


Last week I managed to deploy the same form to a totally different server without having to recreate the data connection and this week I found out how I did it (yes sometimes you get thing the other way !)


Re-publish the form to the new server but before clicking the last step of the Wizard make sure you tick the box “Adjust data connections to the new location”.


Don’t miss this chance !  If you miss this tick box it will not offer it to you a second time as InfoPath think you always wanted to publish the form to server http://server1 and use data connection to http://server2 .

Voila !

So we can like Data Connection file saved on SharePoint data connection libraries again !