Excel services not loading on Project server 2010 environment

While in EPM 2010 Administration training this week the Excel Services webparts refused to load and threw a Javascript error.
A quick search and we realised that the root site collection didn’t exist just as suggested in this blog :

Microsoft Project Server 2010 Implementer: Blank Installation of Project Server 2010 with SP1 – Excel Services not working

Strange error not exactly explicit, so I keep this in my blog to remember if it happens again.

Continue to sync a Sharepoint list with Excel 2007


As you used to do with Excel 2003.


I just stumble upon this add-in, so forgive me if I am a bit late ;-) (just 2 years)


Synchronising a list with Excel 2003 is very easy out of the box,

but this functionality has been removed in 2007.

An Excel 2007 table can be published but any changes on either Sharepoint or Excel will not be sync in the future.


This.. until Microsoft released this add-in (certainly after thousands of users complained of the loss of functionality).



If your users are on Excel 2007, it may be a must-install plug-in.

Off bug : Export a MOSS2007 list to Excel 2003 error – now fixed


Found the answer in a post on EggHeadCafe.com.
the problem was a column Date/Time format that must have got corrupted, once I change the type one by one to TEXT it then exports OK, and the type can be changed again to Date/Time and exported fine.
Don’t we love these kind of bugs.. grrr….
Is there a KB article for this ?

Sharepoint general Cannot get the list schema column property from the SharePoint list: “Cannot get the list schema column property from the SharePoint list”

My IE "Edit in Datasheet" has stopped working :-(


And I can’t figure out why, when , how ..
I knew that this feature is specific to Office 2003 Pro which is what I have, so I tried to fix Office but it doesn’t do it.

I then remembered that a few months ago while working in a company where we only used Office Standard I found the list of small components that are needed to only use the Sharepoint features, but obviously… I don’t know where I took a note of this. At the time I was using a “drop box” site under Lotus Quickplace and not a blog, so I need to look there, and may be fix my PC.

Otherwise I will reinstall IE as well. :-(
Love Microsoft… hate Microsoft …