Note to myself about the "Benign OWSTimer unhandled exception popup"


I must google that every year because it escapes my brain or I never believe such a simple error message doesn’t get fixed by a service pack on a server so here is the simple answer : don’t worry!


Avoid ‘&’ (Ampersand) sign in Nintex workflow variable values



I have a main workflow that calls 16 different sub-workflow to run and wait for their completion before continuing and to my surprise only 1 of those didn’t send me an email as I expected it to be, but did not fail nor stopped.


The sub-workflows are all running and complete, then the main workflow continues its journey to completion.


By adding a Log in History to extract all the variables that I pass to the sub-workflows I then realised that the only difference between all sub-workflow and the one that flies through without sending an email contains a ‘&’ character in one of the variable. That variable is just used to print the value in the body of the message, not even the subject or the recipient email but still it did fail the workflow action.

Fix: by adding a “Regular Expression” Nintex action we can easily replace any ampersand in variable before passing it to the sub-worklow. If you place it into the sub-worlfow UDA then it’s only 1 change for all 16+ sub-workflows.

Note to self: filter out & (ever)

Error when customising a Sharepoint 2010 list form in InfoPath 2010



– You want to the form a bit more fancy, so you click the “customize form”
Image  and 1image

Error –>

Not that obvious since the error is very misleading (we are used to that, aren’t we!) the default View or only View of your list is in DataSheet mode, just go and create a new Standard View, make it the default and now the form can be edited by InfoPath without complaining.

Honestly Infopath ?! What kind of error was that ? "Field or group: #text"

Lucky someone blogged about it, and I also had an incorrect default value in my PeoplePicker field, but come on.. really would have looked for a long time, thanks Microsoft InfoPath team! :-(

Cryptic Infopath Error “Field or group: #text” « codearetoy

Sharepoint lookback of death on 2010


After playing with Sharepoint 2010 beta using only the same machine names I now created a new web application and new site collection but the Site collection didn’t want to open as it prompted me for Login and Password and would not accept any of the login I typed, even though the logins were Site Collection administrator.
I thought I was going mad since it was exactrly the same steps as 2007 and same as when I created the http://machinename which worked fine… finally I stumbled uppon a reminder : disabling the loopback in Regedit that I forgot about (or thought 2010 would be more clever).
note : This behaviour only occurs on local machine.

Thanks to Michael Nemtsev who blogged about it for 2007 which came up on Google results…

My IE "Edit in Datasheet" has stopped working :-(


And I can’t figure out why, when , how ..
I knew that this feature is specific to Office 2003 Pro which is what I have, so I tried to fix Office but it doesn’t do it.

I then remembered that a few months ago while working in a company where we only used Office Standard I found the list of small components that are needed to only use the Sharepoint features, but obviously… I don’t know where I took a note of this. At the time I was using a “drop box” site under Lotus Quickplace and not a blog, so I need to look there, and may be fix my PC.

Otherwise I will reinstall IE as well. :-(
Love Microsoft… hate Microsoft …