Add your personal calendars to Outlook on the web. Great but…

Rolling out gradually from January till July, users will be able to see their personal calendar such as Google Calendar in their Outlook Online, great! Since adding a web calendar was already available but never really refreshed properly.

But that our personal calendars impact our work availability, this is non-sense.

Personal events will show as tentative, busy, or away in a work or school calendar. No details will be shared from a personal event to the user’s organization, even if a user has their work or school calendar set to “share all details” and even if a user has a personal event set to “public” rather than “private.”

Quick example:

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    I have a personal calendar for my son’s activities and school, and I would love to sometimes see it in a unified calendar view so that I do not accept a business trip during a school holiday. So I marked the whole week on my son’s calendar as “school holiday: busy”. But now it will mark my work calendar as if I was busy that whole week?

Now, user can disable this default behaviour, but … have you recently checked the list of settings in Outlook web and client? Will the user change that settings by themselves or will they add their personal calendar, have a colleague complain to them that they are “never available” and then call Service Desk to complain?

Source: Add a calendar in Outlook on the web – Outlook