About me

Hi, my name is François Souyri (LinkedIn profile) but don’t worry about how to pronounce my name, everyone calls me by my first name in English “/frænˈswɑː“.

I consider myself very lucky to spend my time solving complicated technical problems with the help of technology.

From a young age, I have been fascinated at using technology for helping people to get things done or improve their doing.

I was born in France, raised in West Africa (Côte d’Ivoire & Gabon) and then studied in the South of France and England (as an Erasmus student!), to finally work and live in London since 2004.

After years in the Lotus Notes Domino world (for the ones who remember it!), I crossed over to the “dark side” of Microsoft technologies in 2007 and became specialised in the early versions of Sharepoint (2003/WSS2).

In addition to working as a consultant and developing solutions with my team, I am also a Speaker, Technical Coach and Technical Strategist.

Everything is related when the common doubt is around what Microsoft Office 365 can or cannot do, and making sure that we are getting the best for the price that we are paying.

In this blog, I post my grumbles, tips and any kind of knowledge sharing that I think might be useful to anyone if not myself.

I am the Director at Paperblade Ltd, where I provide consulting, development and systems architecture and since January 2019 I also offer my services as a Technical Coach for individuals and groups; which means that I help the many with their doubts about technology, software configurations, integration and implementation. This takes the shape of a class training or online remote session.
You can book me for an initial free consultation at https://365coach.co.uk

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