PeoplePicker Filtering – Active Directory configuration on MOSS

This morning while having a “normal” second line support call with a user, she just mentioned something that she thought was a temporary or minor problem on her site :
– when adding a user to a site, she would click the Address Book icon to search for a name, and all name would just come up twice.

Obviously this translated in my language to be a more important problem as it meant that another domain has been added to Active Directory where all members of domain1 where also created in domain2, and Sharepoint just displayed the additional domain if there is a two-way trust between my Sharepoint domain.
Within just a few hours I could have dozens of people who would be added to a newly released site and who would call 1st line support asking why they can’t access the site although they are listed as user :-(

Bugger I thought! because any user who is added to a site using the additional AD Domain will not be recognised by the site SSO like that, the user will never know how to log in with a different AD domain and why would should they anyway.

My Active Directory obviously rejected the fault on Sharepoint that should “know what it’s doing” ..
Sharepoint can indeed add some rules to the display of users in the list, using STSADM commands (see links to “ninja”‘s blog). It all sounds good as I can do something like :

stsadm -o setproperty -pn peoplepicker-searchadcustomfilter -pv “(dc=mydomaintoinclude)” -url http://mywebapp

Only problem in my case is that this property “-searchadcustomfilter” is only available from Sharepoint 2007 SP1 onward. Well… . in a way I am glad as it will give more pressure to push management to approve an upgrade to SP1 and Infrastructure Update for WSS3 and MOSS2007. We should really on the upgrade wagon by now !
Come on, with all the pre-requisites steps, backups and testings that will be done and Microsoft Premier to support us if problem, why wait ?
Is there many organisation like mine who are still waiting for the train to pass ?

READ MORE ABOUT PeoplePicker Customisation with STSADM:
Have fun and knowledge with me.: Active Directory configuration on Sharepoint Server: “Peoplepicker: Stsadm property (Office SharePoint Server)”


  1. There will be a day when SP1 will be a required for MS to support your MOSS 2007. You might want to bring that up in a discussion with the parties who decide these things. You also might want to start preparations early on, or you will end up with a situation when your installation is not supported until you install SP1. If your environment requires a lot of testing, it might be a long time and much pressure to get SP1 installed and the end result might be a poorly/quickly-tested SP1 rollout causing a lot of issues.

  2. and the day is/was : 13/01/09 MS does not support 2007 RTM anymore…well but customers had to check MS website, and that’s it. ;-)Yeah, SP1 it is now. With lots of problems, good learning curve.

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