Create a Google Maps Webpart without using Google Maps API

I think Google Maps is one of the best if not the best Web-map in the market. The only problem is that if you want to use the advance features, such as add markups and predefined pop-ups on a map, it’s OK until your site is for public viewing.
Since most of the Sharepoint you are working on are generally for a Private audience (ie: you need a login and not everyone on the internet will be able to request a login) then Google will charge your company.
And the price starts at $10,000.

OK I really like what Google does so I am not going to be friend with them, but here is a tip if you want to just add a Google Maps inside your page and make it look like it was designed for it (however without markups and other tools that Google API bring).
Just add a Web Content Editor webpart to your page and add this as the source :

” iframe frameborder=””0″” width=””400″” height=””400″” src=””‘””q&hl=””en&q=picadilly,london&ie=UTF8&om=0’> /iframe”

That will do the trick for now, until you make your IT Director or business customers to sign to extend your budget. ;-)

Google Maps
(edit : iFrame removed as it would focus on it when page opened)

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